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Contesting with fldigi

One of the built-in features of fldigi is basic contesting support. The contesting setup is not that difficult, but may be a little confusing for first-time users. Here are the basic steps needed to get up and running in a contest.


From the main fldigi window select Configure > Contest/Logging > Contest.


In this group you will need to enter the text exchange that you want to send. This varies by contest and could be your name, QTH, LOC, etc. You will want to check the RST always 599 box. This will facilitate logging since you will not need to capture that data. Check the Send CW cut numbers if you are going to be in a CW contest.

Serial number

This can be used in conjunction with the above or stand-alone, depending on the contest requirements. Check the Use leading zeros box and set the Start to 1 and Digits to 3. You must click the Reset button! Do not forget this step; it is important and, if missed, fldigi will not send a serial number.

Duplicate check

If you do not want to work duplicates, check the boxes that meet your requirements.

When you have the setup as you like, save and close.

Main window settings

Finishing touches for contesting. Select Configure > Contest/Logging > Contest. At the bottom of the tab select the contest you are interested in. The Generic will be used the most. Save and Close. Next, View > Rig/Log controls, and select Partial.

View > DX Cluster. If you don't have a favorite cluster you normally use, then you are welcome here: port 7300

Contest mode tips

Some further suggestions that you may find useful when using fldigi in contest mode:

  • Start a new log just for the contest.
  • Consider using the –config-dir ​command line switch to have a separate fldigi setup just for contesting.
  • Keep in mind that the fldigi log can be edited on the fly.
  • If you close and restart fldigi, you will need to reset the serial number generator. Check your log and use the next higher number for the Start box. Click on Reset and fldigi will start with that number.
  • You can also keep a separate macro file. See the ​documentation on how to set this up.
  • The necessary Cabrillo log can be generated from within fldigi. You will find it under Logbook > Reports. It uses a generic header that you can edit as needed.
  • In all cases make sure you have read the Help and at least are somewhat comfortable using fldigi. Hopefully this will spark some interest in contesting, even if it is just casual participation.

For more in-depth information on contesting as well as fldigi itself, see the on line fldigi contest help.

Contributed by Ed, W3NR

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