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Generating the Doxygen Documentation

Within the Fldigi git repository is a script that generates a ​Doxygen interactive HTML website by analyzing the source code of Fldigi. Additionally, the tool ​cppcheck is run to check-for and report code issues. The cppcheck results are included on the Doxygen main-page. Currently these instructions only cover setup on Linux and OSX.

Please note: this code-analysis and documentation-generation time takes longer than compiling Fldigi and will require 2.0GB of free disk-space.

Installing Dependencies

To successfully execute the fldigi/scripts/doxygen/ script a few programs must first be installed on the local system:


To check if these are installed run:

$ which doxygen; which dot; which mscgen; which cppcheck

This will return a list of where the binaries are installed:


If all 4 required programs are in the returned list, skip to Running the Script.

Otherwise continue with Setup


Execute the command below in a terminal window to install the needed support programs on Debian, Ubuntu, and Debian derivatives.

$ sudo apt-get -y install doxygen graphviz mscgen cppcheck

For Apple OSX systems, easiest way to install the required support programs on OSX is by using ​MacPorts. Execute the command below in a terminal window to install the needed support programs OSX (after installing Macports)

$ sudo port install doxygen graphviz mscgen cppcheck gitstats

Running the Script

Once the support programs are installed run the script fldigi/scripts/doxygen/ This will generate the Doxygen docs in fldigi/scripts/doxygen/HTML

$ cd fldigi/scripts/doxygen
$ ./ run

After Doxygen generation and cppcheck analysis is complete, the script will attempt to open the main HTML page in the systems default web-browser. If for some reason this does not work, manually open the main-page file at fldigi/scripts/doxygen/HTML/index.html

Cleaning Up

To delete all files generated by the script execute the “clean action”

$ ./ clean

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