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Preventing App Nap with 64 bit applications

MacOS does not provide an easy way to disable App Nap for 64 bit applications. fldigi, flrig etc are all built as 64 bit binaries.

Follow these instructions to add gain access to App Nap control on the 64 bit versions of fldigi, flrig, etc. You are going to be using command line tools in a terminal. The instructions are for flrig, but can be applied to any of the NBEMS flxxxx programs.

Instructions for the MacOS Guru

Create an Apps folder in your home folder

$ cd
$ mkdir Apps

Copy the /Applications/flrig*.app folder to the new Apps folder

Assuming the installed version of flrig is 1.3.48:

$ cp -r /Applications/ Apps

Modify the copy

The current binary is renamed and a new shell script created with the name flrig.

$ cd Apps/
$ mv flrig flrig.bin
$ touch flrig

The shell script is created using nano, a simple terminal editor.

$ nano flrig

Add these lines:

#! /bin/bash

and then save the file, ^o, Enter, and exit ^x, where the ^key means press the control and key simultaneously.

Make the new script executable

$ chmod a+x flrig

Create task bar icon for new home folder application

Open the Finder and change to the home folder. The in the home Apps folder can be dragged to the launch bar just like any other app.  Right click on the new folder in the $HOME/Apps folder, select Info and it should have the “Prevent App Nap” check box available. You may have to run flrig once and refresh the Finder window before the check box will show up in the Info window.


You can add any or all of the flrig parameters to the “$0.bin” line.

$0.bin --config-dir $HOME/flrig.7300
$0.bin --trace
$0.bin --xml-trace
$0.bin --exp
$0.bin --config-dir $HOME/flrig.7300 --trace --xml-trace --exp


In the Unix / Linux world the geeks refer to the #! combination as “sha-bang”.  The “#! /bin/bash” line is the key to the OS adding the prevent app nap to the new application.   It tells the OS to start the “bourne again shell” which runs in the background.  The shell interprets and executes the next line, the flrig binary. The OS allows setting app nap prevention for the shell and that attribute is inherited by it's child process, flrig.

Repeat this procedure for any other application that is experiencing unwanted shutdown by App Nap.

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