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July 26, 2018 Tried to compile flrig from the sources. Downloaded the compressed folder flrig-1.3.40.tar.gz and extracted it to produce the flrig-1.3.40 folder. My linux system is running Mint Xfce 18.3 and the g++ compiler is the one I use, but it is not included in the default packages for the system. I also needed to download two more packages: libfltk1.1 and libfltk1.1-dev. Note the libfltk1.3 was already installed. Also ibxft2 was already installed, but I installed libxft-dev. I'm not sure I needed to install that one. The packages libpng12-0 and libpng12-dev had already been installed. The libsamplerate0 package was already installed and I installed the libsamplerate0-dev package.

The ./configure script ran well without errors. But 'make' had errors from combo.h and hspinner.h that involved 'Fl_Fontsize'. The first error was as follows:

In file included from ./include/rigpanel.h:56:0,

from ./include/rig.h:46, from ./include/support.h:41, from xmlrpcpp/XmlRpcServerConnection.cpp:32:

./include/combo.h:124:17: error: ‘Fl_Fontsize’ has not been declared

void labelsize(Fl_Fontsize n) { Fl_Group::labelsize(n); }

_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _^

./include/combo.h:125:2: error: ‘Fl_Fontsize’ does not name a type

Fl_Fontsize labelsize() { return Fl_Group::labelsize(); }


I tried to follow the instructions in the INSTALL file, but evidently I am missing something related to fonts. Can someone help me?

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