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Welcome to the Fldigi / NBEMS Wiki

Fldigi (Fast Light Digital Modem Application), pronounced “F L digi”, is a cross-platform modem program that supports most of the peer-to-peer (live keyboard) digital modes used on the amateur radio bands.

Narrow Band Emergency Messaging System an integrated suite of programs that can be used for both emergency communications and recreational operations. The software is designed to run on nearly any modern computer and can be easily interfaced with almost any radio.


Fldigi's homepage can be found at fldigi home page. Visit this site for download instructions, documentation and information about related programs.

Fldigi's project page is at Source Forge fldigi git repository.

There is an alternate project page at GitHub Repository git repository.



Feel free to modify any editable wiki page. Contributions to the list of frequently asked questions, FAQ, and HOWTO's are particularly welcome.

Anyone may edit existing pages, but to create new ones you must be logged in with your Doku fldigi username. Send an email to W1HKJ to be assigned a Wiki login. Include the following in the email body:

  • login name - your amateur call sign is recommended
  • full name - first and last
  • email address - will be used for Wiki related emails including your assigned password

Send to W1HKJ

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25 May 2019

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