Version 4.3.1

Note: images not updated to 4.3.1, all text applies

Note:  This version will only work with fldigi 3.10 or greater.  Do not attempt to use this version with earlier versions of fldigi.  Earlier versions of flarq cannot be used with fldigi 3.10.
fast light automatic repeat request is a file transfer application that is based on the ARQ specification developed by Paul Schmidt, K9PS.  It is capable of transmitting and receiving frames of ARQ data via either vbdigi on Window, or fldigi on Linux.  The interaction between flarq and vbdigi/fldigi requires no operator intervention.  On the Windows OS the two programs exchange data and command sets using files that both programs recognize. On the Linux OS the exchange is made using the System-V Message Queue.  This process is totally transparent to the user.  The programs can be executed in either order.  It is only necessary that both be executing concurrently for the process to work.

The ARQ transfer must take place between two systems both of which are running the flarq / fldigi combination.  The ARQ specification and the source code for flarq are GPL licensed.  Other developers wishing to duplicate or expand upon the flarq ARQ implementation may freely do so. 

Flarq can be used with the following digital modem as the transport layer:

BPSK all baud rates
QPSK all baud rates
MFSK all baud rates
DOMINOEX 11 or faster (do not use FEC)
THOR all baud rates, 11 or faster recommended
MT63 - all baud rates, flarq timing should be increased to accommodate mt63 latency

Please note that Olivia IS NOT compatible with flarq transmissions.  Olivia does not allow the transmission of the control codes required for flarq.

Both a Windows and Linux executable are available as well as the source code are available for download.

flarq on-line help

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