PskScope is an interface control program for the Psk Meter signal sampler.  Psk-31 and Psk-63 transmitted signals can be monitored for quality and power output.  PskScope can also be used to provide real time control over the transmitted signal level.  If a Psk Meter is connected to a serial port and powered up the program will automatically find the correct serial port and connect to the Psk Meter device.  If no Psk Meter is found, the program will display a warning dialog, but the program may still be used for simulations.  Simulation mode allows the amateur operator to see the effect of overdriving a signal on spectrum, IMD, and RMS error.  After using this program in simulation mode you will be convinced of the importance of on-line monitoring.  Clean PSK signals are fully within the capability of every modern transceiver and should be the goal of every PSK operator. 

Ideal Psk-31 Idle Signal

Table of Contents:
Configuring PskScope
Signal Quality
Compiling the source code